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Just to step back, the Pc era was marked by modularity, you had sort of the chip versus the operating system versus the appliance, and to the extent there were integrations or money to be made, it was by being that connective tissue, being a platform within the center and the smartphone era then again was more about integration and doing the different pieces together. It sounds like your argument is that this new era, this machine studying-pushed era, this AI era is even more on the integrated aspect than sort of the way in which we predict about PCs. JH: Simple example. Imagine we created a brand new software domain, like computer graphics. Why is that? Walk me by way of that justification. Let’s pretend for a second it doesn’t run effectively on a graphics chip and it doesn’t run effectively on a CPU. Well, if you happen to needed to recreate it all once more, and it’s a new form of computer science in the sense that that is the way software is developed, and you can develop all kinds of software, it’s not just one type of software program, you possibly can develop all kinds of software program.
And then what comes out of it’s perception, localization, a world map and then from that world map, you motive about what is your drive plan. Once we’re within the robotic area and we created a model new stack, we realized that the application of this stack, the robotic stack, could be used for this and it might be used for medical imaging programs, which is kind of multi-sensor, actual-time sensor processing, was once conventional numerics. Right. Well, it’s such as you began out with like your GPU like, “Oh, it could possibly be used for this and this and this”. And so that utility house was a derivative, if you will, of our deep studying work, and it takes us into the robotic area. And now you constructed a stack on prime of the GPU and it’s like, it just expands. JH: That’s precisely proper, Ben! That’s exactly proper. You build one factor and you generalize it and you notice it could possibly be used for other issues, and then you definately construct that factor derived from the first thing and then you definitely generalize it and when you generalize it, you notice, “Hold on a second, I can use it for this and as well”.
So it’s 10,000 programs, umpteen thousand applications, which are flying through this processor at any given point in time, which really reinvented the kind of this new fashion of programming, and our architecture called CUDA made it accessible, and since we devoted ourselves to maintaining every technology of processors CUDA-compatible, we invented a new programming model. That was all began right round that point. You start by tackling essentially the most advanced accelerated computing use case, which is graphics, however they’re lastly tuned to OpenGL and DirectX and just doing these specific capabilities. I’m truly interested in this, because what’s fascinating about NVIDIA is if you happen to look backwards, it seems like essentially the most superb, brilliant path that makes total sense, proper? You’re like, “Well, no, we should make it programmable.” You invent the shader, the GeForce, and then it opens its door to be programmed for applications aside from graphics.
So if that’s the case, then you’ll build a brand new GPU and a new OpenGL. You’ll construct a brand new processor known as New GPU, you would construct a new compiler, you’ll construct a new API, a new model of OpenGL known as cuDNN. You’ll create a brand new Unreal Engine, in this case, Nvidia AI. You’ll create a new editor, new application frameworks and so you can think about that you’ll construct an entire factor yet again. Just to leap in though, because there was one other part in the keynote the place I believe you have been speaking about Nvidia DRIVE and then you jumped to Clara, one thing along these strains, but what struck me as I was watching it was you were like, “Actually all the pieces we need right here, we additionally want there”, and it felt like an actual manifestation of this. Nvidia has now constructed up this whole stack, they almost have all these Lego bricks that they will reconfigured for all these totally different use circumstances.

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