Luxury Limos Columbus

Columbus LimoThe 1st stop in the Columbus Limo Show is a limo company that took me by complete surprise from the very moment I called, to the moment the chauffeur dropped me off at home.

The name of that company?

Luxury Limos Columbus.

They are by far one of the best places to look for service when you need a Columbus limo in Ohio.

I stopped by their show room after a good friend recommended I check them out and their professionalism was absolutely superb to say the least.

I chose to pick them as the 1st topic today on the website because the 4 companies that I tried out previously were horrendous.

2 of the companies never gave me a call back, and one was 2 hours late to the appointment!

Talk about horrible customer service.

With Luxury Limos Columbus it was a complete breath of fresh air.

Customer service was polite and helpful, the drivers showed up early, and the limos were extremely well kept and the exteriors polished.

It made for an exciting evening and they fulfilled everything imaginable that one would expect from a limo company.

Especially one in the capital we like to call Columbus, Ohio.

I warn you not to settle for less.

If the customer service reps are rude and do not cater to your needs hang up.

If the limos are smelly and squeak when they arrive at your destination, then simply cancel.

If they are so rude as to come 2 hours late like the company I won’t mention did to me, simply call Luxury Limos Columbus and make them eat their heart out by going to the much better and highly recommended competition.

Hold yourself to a higher standard and don’t take anything less than the luxury that you deserve.

Would you pay hundreds of dollars for service that isn’t worth a roll of toilet better?

Me either.


The Columbus Limo Show

I’m going to keep this extremely short.

This website is all about the best limos and the best limo places you can possibly visit in Columbus, Ohio.

As a business owner and guy who likes to live the good life, I thought that as a passion project I’d throw together Ohio’s best resource for limousines.

As we all know limos aren’t cheap, and when you’re doing what I’m planning to do, I’m about to spend a small fortune.

I hope you all enjoy, and hopefully your experience with your limo is exquisite.